Elizabeth Wong

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Reading Response Color, heritage, and culture can greatly impact an individual or group in many interesting ways that most may not recognize. Zora Hurston for example, is a black female who doesn’t notice differences of skin color until she went away from her hometown to school. Elizabeth Wong is trying to learn her Chinese culture, per her mother’s request, while she relates more to the American culture. Last but not least Richard Rodriguez is of Hispanic culture and sees opportunities for the Hispanic culture and American culture to influence one another thus strengthening both. In essence, all can greatly have impacts on a life and on the lives surrounding that individual. Zora Hurston was a lady of color who grew up in a town where color was not noticed by her, nor was she influenced by the color of her skin. Zora didn’t realize the difference in color until she left her hometown and went away for school, only then did it become noticeable. What ultimately gave her the insight was someone saying comments on how she was born from slavery, she would be the only one of color surrounded by whites, or one white in a crowd of people colored. The …show more content…

Wong said “Nancy Drew, my favorite book heroine, never spoke Chinese” (Wong 90). Her brother also wanted to fit into mainstream America. He often corrected his mother on her manner of speech and blamed his mistakes in the English language on her for her bad example. Elizabeth believed the Chinese language to be embarrassing due to it having no pattern nor beauty. After two years Elizabeth’s mother finally agreed to let her leave Chinese school. The people of Chinatown believed Wong would go far because she had a better understanding of American life. Even though she sees herself as multicultural and an American she is still judged based on

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