Elyn Saks Graduated From Yale Law School, And Is A Professor

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Elyn Saks graduated from Yale Law School, and is a professor of psychology and psychiatry at USC. She also suffers from chronic Schizophrenia. She continues receives treatment for this mental illness with drugs and therapy. Before I continue with Saks story let me take a moment to try and explain what this mental disorder is call chronic schizophrenia. First of all let’s see what the difference between schizophrenia and chronic schizophrenia is. People who are diagnosed with Schizophrenia as describe as in out text book, are “though they previously functioned well or at least acceptably, deteriorate into an isolated wilderness of unusual receptions, odd thoughts, disturbed emotions, and motor abnormalities”, (Fundamentals of …show more content…

June of 2012 Saks gave a TED TALK in Edinburgh Scotland on the subject of schizophrenia. She starts the talk telling audience she has chronic schizophrenia, and because of her illness she spent 100 of days in psychiatric hospitals. When she was a
Younger woman her doctors diagnosed her with chronic schizophrenia and that she would achieve very little in life (boy were they wrong). Since the time this Ted Talk was recorded in 2012 she has not been institutionalize in over 30 years, but she still have had some episodes. One of her major episodes was when she found out her analyst Dr. White was leaving his practice, triggered a series of psychotic behaviors. A friend of hers came to check on her and see how she was doing. Steve, Saks friend recognized she was

Stephens 3 of 3 have a psychotic episode. She was hearing voices, she was having hallucinations, her apartment was a mess, and she not taken care of herself, and felt she was being pushed to her grave. She went on to speak of other episodes with symptoms of delusions and hallucinations which she says are “hallmarks of the illness”. She explained that schizophrenic is not disorders of multiple personality or split personalities, a schizophrenia mind is shattered. What I find incredible is the fact that with treatment she was still able to hold it together

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