Emergency Department Journal

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While working in the emergency department for my clinical this week I could see the staff members that help in the emergency department. There are RNs, EMTs that have different certifications like BLS or ALS, a nurse practitioner, and doctors. In the emergency department, they have staff members from different parts of the hospital to assess the patients. Radiology comes down to get X-rays on the patients for a closer look at their heart. The patients who come into the ER with shortness of air, chest pains, numbness in the extremities and dizziness with signs of fatigue are ordered an X-ray. The lab can come to draw the patient's blood or the nurse will draw up the patient's blood and then send it to the lab. More patients come in with chest pains or shortness of air while in the ER, …show more content…

The ER has a variety of patients come through the department, but everything depends on the severity of the condition to whom is seen first. Patients with chest pains will be seen first rather than a patient with a stuffy nose. When the patient first walks into the facility they are greeted by the nurse at the window. The nurse then will call them in and do an assessment which is the triage part of the ED. Triage is the first person you see when you enter and the one who set you up in a room. Triage assesses the severity of the patient and they decide along with the facility's policy who should be seen first. When the patient has been assigned a room a nurse then will enter and assess the patient's condition with a more focused assessment. The nurse then will hook the patient up to the blood pressure machine with the O2 monitor. Then the nurse will take a temperature to include the assessment of

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