Emile Durkheim : My Sociological Theorist

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1. I chose Emile Durkheim as my sociological theorist for my article because I find his views very relevant to today’s society. Durkheim believed strongly in the division of labor and the idea of the body social, or functionalism. Both ideas we, the modern world, use to an extent due it becoming the best way to succeed economically.

2. The article I chose was published in The Atlantic on Sept. 19, 2015, and is titled, What America Lost as Women Entered the Work Force by Emma Green. This article discusses the reasoning behind why women joining the work force may not have been the best idea from the era of women’s rights to modern day. This article argues how women working endless hours and being underpaid was not worth it and how women would’ve been more happier being stay-at-home mothers and wives.

3. Emile Durkheim was a theorist who strongly believed in the division of labor. He wanted everyone to find a labor that they could specialize in, independent of economic status, and move forward in contributing to society in a positive way. For example, someone who is a farm laborer can move to the city to specialize in ironwork and become a contributor to the industrialization era. He would’ve wanted women to join the work force, not because they would move forward in the work field, but because they would be contributing to society. However, I feel that he would approve of women actively engaging in any activity that contributed to society in a positive manner.

4. In…
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