Emily Dickinson And Walt Whitman

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In American literature there are many types of themes and periods of writing. Each writer has their own style and way of conveying what they want to say to their readers. A lot of time what and how an author writes comes from how they grew up and the experiences they have had. They find a way to insert themselves and their emotions into words that move the readers in some way. One of the most popular periods of writing would be the romanticism era. Some of the most well known authors in this time period were Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. The reason they are so popular from the Romanticism period is because they also incorporated their transcendental ideas into their work.
Romanticism "has been described as a Protestantism in the arts and letters, an ideological shift on the grand scale from conservative to liberal ideas"(Keenan). This period came about at the turn of the nineteenth century after the Enlightenment movement. Some general characteristics of Romanticism would be "remote settings in different time period, heroes doing the extraordinary, idealized characters, heightened, poetic language, and the plot is central" (ecore Online content Unit 4). The philosophers of the Romanticism era believed unlike the Transcendentalism that people were not born with a clean state but shaped by environmental experiences. Romanticism in American Literature focused a lot on the beauty of nature and all nature has to offer. It also allowed writers and artists to use their

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