Emma Watson Westernized Woman

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Westernized Feminist Steal the Spotlight In Mia Mckenzie’s article, “Why I’m Not Really Here for Emma Watson’s Feminism Speech At the U.N.” (published September 24, 2014), McKenzie argues comparably with Watson’s speech, indicating that she could have approached it differently. Watson’s speech expresses an end on gender equality, particularly focusing on westernized issues. McKenzie conveys key points throughout her article but in some ways did not acknowledge Watson the credit she deserved, she mostly manifested criticism towards Watson’s ideology. Arguably, both McKenzie and Watson share a different standpoint into feminism and its influence. Both McKenzie and Watson including westernized women are efficiently pampered when it comes to…show more content…
Excluding the western hemisphere, the world portrays a woman as a property and rather pities her because it is believed she writhes in oppression. However, by pitying, the world acknowledges to become her oppressor but does not justify an act to change it - in other words, she has become a voiceless soul. Society which has become disillusioned with the media, can barely find the truth of what is told or hidden. McKenzie brings out an important point that is often forgotten. Feminism is supposed to represent every individual, but the term is ambiguous to what it represents. Feminism leans towards white supremacy and ignores linkage of gender and race. While patriarchy is toxic to women, those in developing countries suffer through hostility also, pairing with the growth of civilization. McKenzie later adds on, “the people with the most privilege are constantly being centralized this way in conversations about oppression and it needs to stop…the people with the most oppressed are an afterthought” (McKenzie). Essentially, ‘white feminism’ focuses on the misconception that all women are oppressed…show more content…
Third world women are spoken about, however, are never spoken to. McKenzie argues men being involved is problematic explaining, “telling men that they should care about gender inequality because of how much it hurts them, centralizes men and their well-being in a movement built by women for our survival in a world that degrades and dehumanizes us daily” (McKenzie). McKenzie is oblivious enough to think that men could be the cause of taking the spotlight of a women. White feminism dehumanizes those who differ from them by ignoring and erasing the voice of a third world women. It asserts that white feminism is the only voice that will be heard and reached. White feminism is usually broadcasted globally when initiating a helping hand to a certain country or issue but in attempts to save women of third world countries has not developed a change, in fact, it has done the opposite. Their pursuit to save women in developing countries blinds them to the very realistic experience of immense oppression, degradation and sexism, the ones they claim to “suffer” are also in the “land of the free”. Though it seems like women of third world countries seem helpless and deprived of their own situations, white feminism pushes them further to the ground - limiting them to liberate from inferiority. Globally, there are women who suffered through extreme oppression and understand the complicity of women’s rights, and agree that we
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