Emotional Conflict In Agamemnon

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All major characters are in these texts are facing a tough moment in their life and this puts them in a difficult position where they feel uneasy. For example in Agamemnon, Agamemnon’s wife Helen is captured and claimed by a Trojan prince and this causes a chaotic period of chaos and conflict. Agamemnon is in a tough situation that is very distressful for him. Agamemnon’s character is described as someone who cannot uphold the role of the King of Argos and often hesitates to make a decision which is the main reason why he is at such a distressing point of his life. In Hamlet, the main protagonist, Hamlet, finds out that King Claudius was the one who murdered his father. This being shocking news to Hamlet, causes Hamlet to feel immense anger …show more content…

Their emotional battle against themselves has made it difficult for them to make wise decisions and puts them in emotional unease. For example, in the epigraph of the In The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock the author makes it clear that readers should listen carefully and be wary of what Mr. Prufrock says. He showed the readers that he has a strange personality that is not quite settled. His words confuse the readers by saying one thing and another thing, both very difficult to make sense of. In Hamlet, Hamlet says "For there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so,"(Hamlet, Act II, Sc. 2, 11) Hamlet feels that one can never really tell the truth, the good, and the evil of the world, except through our own thoughts. His own character captivates him while his inner turmoil and unpredictability causes him to question himself, which means what he really is doing is questioning the true essence of a human. Agamemnon suffered from similar feelings when put under a stressful crisis in the battlefield. Although Agamemnon is a good man who is aware of the importance of family order and a cohesive society, he has other traits that destabilize his good qualities and contribute to self-created

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