Empirical Investigation Of An Empirical Formula For Magnesium Oxide

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In this lab, an empirical formula for the Magnesium oxide was investigated . The empirical formula of the first and second trials was calculated, and it was MgO. We used the average mass the MgO, then subtracted it from the mass of the crucible to find the mass of MgO in g. After we got the mass of MgO, we subtracted it from the m of mg to get the mass of O. We calculated the mass present of the O, then we found the molar mass of it. The molar mass of O was calculated by multiplying its mass by grams to 1 mol dividing by its standard atomic weight in (g). We found the molar mass of the Mg, then we divided the smallest value by each element in order to get a small whole number. The whole numbers for each element that are Mg and O lead us to

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