Employee Engagement And Morale Of Employees

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“Employees said that it is the personal relationship with their immediate supervisor that is the key. The attitude and actions of the immediate supervisor can enhance employee engagement or can create an atmosphere where an employee becomes disengaged” (“What Drives Employee Engagement and Why it Matters”). Jiffy’s employees are no longer engaged to go to work because their incentives have been shortened and even if they sought to find employment outside of the organization, they would have to look in a different industry. Employee engagement is easy to conquer. Some of the ways that Jiffy can attempt to rekindle the engagement and morale of its employees are through recognition, use of intrinsic rewards, and employer support. Employees value a sense of belonging to an organization, so it is imperative that they are recognized for their work. Recognition can incur costs; however, there are many inexpensive (and even free) techniques for recognizing employees. For instance, Jiffy can demonstrate their appreciation to the employees during a companywide meeting or cater a luncheon for the staff. The key to ensuring that the employees are recognized in order to feel engaged and with high organization morale is to ensure that this is done on a day-to-day basis, so that the employees would be convinced that they are a valuable asset to the organization. As previously stated, the main priority and assets to an organization are its employees. With that said, in order for employees

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