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Mount Tamborine Observation Deck
May 24, 2013
Black Suit Infrastructure Inc

Queensland University of Technology
Team 5

Scott Boreham
Thomas Crowther
Alex Grimshaw-Jones
Daniel Harrison
Nick Loveridge
Brett Mitchell
May 24, 2013

Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Qld, 4000

To Black Suit Infrastructure Inc

RE: Observation Deck

We are pleased to attach our tender to the observation deck. This report deals specifically with the engineering design of our design at the new
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Each separate truss (of the dimensions 920x5x50mm) consisted of a Pratt truss with nine diagonal members on each side of the centre. The model was tested in sufficiently isolated condition by tutors. It successfully passed the initial weight test, and satisfactorily resisted horizontal forces. Once fitted onto the testing rig, loads were applied and increased incrementally. Slight deformation was observed before failing at 12.5 kg, at which force a collection of members failed in succession, concluding the test.
Calculations and load and failure predictions
Calculations were performed to determine the effectiveness of the design of the platform. Allowing for a safety factor of 1.5 times the design weight of 10kg and considering the bridge must not be overdesigned; plans were made for the bridge to fail at 25kg, 2.5 times that of the design weight. According to the calculations, the bridge would hold a load of over 15kg and experience failure at 20kg in the members. These calculations were later disproven in the testing, breaking 8kg earlier than expected, due to unforseen errors. An analysis of the bridge design and calculations has been included at the end of this report.

Table of Contents
Letter of Committal I
Executive Summary II
1. Introduction 1 1.1 Literature Review 1 1.2 Tension 2 1.3 Compression 2 1.4 Method of Joints 3 1.5 Method of sections 4
2. Design 5 2.1 Conceptual Design 5 2.2 Engineering Design Process 10

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