Enduring Love Act 4 Analysis

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But first, I was reminded of a joking around type of thing from when I first met e: {nuns sew err coyote and road run ner satan example} Some e-s came up with the cartoon to put the clown on e. It was somewhat the way it was with e; he often failed are my viewpoints and often was theirs back then in various ways. I was "crying-laughing" about it when I met e. At this point, I know e had some great song versions; it is just e was earning so much pain and losing at everything with the long term view in mind (and of course Jesus would stop e with several things), and anyway, e succeeding at tricking people earned him pain and a number of problems with eternity in mind.…show more content…
Of course that led to the traitorous worship of the largest piece of horrific crap: e himself the super-turd; locust = e-s came upon the earth, and to them was given power: they still had their natural God-given power, but there were rules on what they could do with it; as the scorpions of the earth have power, = they could cause man harm within the rules, yet when it came to the extra things outside the basic guidelines, then there was special permission required. We have already taken a look at nine verse 4 in the middle of Rev 8 verse 7. If you recall, they were not allowed to harm man, living creature, or angel without a particular request or by being told they could perform the murder sin, and they were limited to the ones who were not filled with the Holy Spirit. They had to obtain explicit permission to sin with some things, such as a murder of anyone is the bottom line. Rev 9 verse 4: For more info on this verse review eight verse 7, there are other comments, which explain some other things in more detail. The basic interpretation of nine verse 4 = they = e-s were commanded = God gave them rules: not to harm the grass = people of the earth; or any green thing = any living creature; or any tree = here means the Ha-s, although a tree can mean any person or an angel. Only those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads, = the mind of Christ, which means people who are filled with the Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Jesus Christ, Who Is God Himself being One with a person's spirit whom Jesus dwells within. The e-s could do basic mental torments or influence harm without special permission in those types of situations, but there were guidelines, which were strictly enforced. The harm here was mainly the fleshy types. Nine verse 5: and they = e-s were not given authority to
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