English As A Foreign Language

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English is addressed globally as the language of science, technology, business, and mediation. It is a primary language of mass entertainment and news reporting and the default language of the internet (Crystal 2004). The most popular characterization of the different roles of English around the world is the (ENL) English as a Native Language, the ESL English as a Second Language and (EFL), English as a Foreign Language, as described in 1998, MacArthur. The ENL approach is how most people in the United States are taught once they begin formal schooling.
Materials and teaching strategies are based on the linguistic structures, literary genres, and cultural references normally acquired by monolingual speakers of English. ESL and EFL are categories that apply to non-native learners. Generally, in ESL students, only English is utilized in the classroom. Teachers are usually native or near-native speakers of English and are rarely proficient in any of the languages of their students. Typically, the vocabulary and linguistic routines of daily life are taught with the goal of accelerating the cultural adjustment to the new setting.
At the college level, foreign students are prepared to compete in English-speaking academic environments. In the U.S. for example, ESL classes increase in the elementary and secondary schools, universities, and some job sites. An EFL approach is utilized primarily in places where students do not usually have an opportunity to employ English daily.

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