Enlisted Force

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Report On Enlisted force structure core values and definitions of stupid, ignorant, and conspiracy In this report I will be covering the enlisted force structure, core values the definitions of stupid, ignorant, and conspiracy. To start with I will go over the enlisted force structure, going from Airman Basic through Chief Master Sargent of the Air Force. After which we’ll review the core values, ending with the definitions. Throughout this page I will be putting the above topics in my own words. The enlisted force structure has three tiers beginning with the Junior enlisted Airman tier, Noncommissioned Officer, and going all the way through the Senior Noncommissioned Officer tier. Each tier having its own role and…show more content…
Stupid is also doing the same thing wrong over and over but knowing better and still not correcting it. When something becomes stupid why continue to have the problem? It will become a plague and affect you and the people around you. The definition of ignorant is unknowing, lack of knowledge and or training. Ignorance is as simple as not knowing any better, but ignorance can be fixed by learning the mistake and correcting the action and not repeating the action. When and if the action is repeated and not corrected while knowing better it becomes stupidity. An agreement to commit a wrongful act by two or more persons is a conspiracy. So a conspiracy is lying or an evil between a group of people to trick other people. Something doesn’t have to huge to be considered a conspiracy. Even a little lye is a conspiracy, but there is no such thing as a good lie. In conclusion the Enlisted Force Structure, Core Values, and the definitions of stupid, ignorance, and conspiracy are all important things to know. In this report there were a lot of points hit that are key in day to day operations and everyday life in the Air Force. I have learned a lot in this paper and the brief leading up to it. Without the core values and the Enlisted Force Structure this Air Force would be a structure less mess, but with these simple things we are able to be the greatest air power in the
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