Enron Corporation : The Biggest Gas Transmission System Essay

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The Enron Corporation started in 1985 by Kenneth Lay and was the result of a merger between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth Corporation (Madsen & Vance, 2009). Enron had the biggest gas transmission system in the U.S which consisted of a network of 38,000 miles of pipeline (Giroux, 2008). After the addition of Jeffrey Skilling, Enron transformed itself from a producer and distributor of natural gas to a trading company (Chandra, 2003). Enron lobbied hard for deregulation and was capable of being able to trade almost anything (Chandra, 2003).This idea required vast amounts of liquidity (Chandra, 2003). Enron’s revenue began to increase at a rapid speed (Chandra, 2003). Skilling developed a workforce that enabled the concealing of billions of dollars through the use of special purpose entities, fraudulent financial reporting, and accounting inadequacies (Giroux, 2008). Enron committed fraud over an extended period of time to manipulate earnings in order to maintain compensation of central executives. Despite the collapse of Enron, many executives were paid millions of dollars while other Enron workers were terminated and lost all of their retirement funds (Giroux, 2008). Enron has went down in history as not only being the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. for that time period, but also the largest audit failure (Giroux, 2008).
How the corporate culture of Enron contributed to its bankruptcy
Enron executives behaved in an arrogant manner which helped to dismantle the company

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