Environmental Characteristics of Net Zero

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Weekly assignment - Topic: Environmental characteristics of Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) 1000 words research essay

A net zero energy building has a system to immensely reduce the total energy of a building by implementing energy efficient technologies which gives counterbalance to the functional energy needs supportive with renewable energy thus reducing the total energy consumption to roughly zero. Zero energy buildings have certain characteristics, such as effective thermal insulation, using renewable energy and using important passive strategies and energy control systems. (P.Torcellini.2006)

The first character to highlight is effective thermal insulation, which depicts the glass walls, walls windows, doors and roofing systems fully reinforced with low emissivity and solar control strategies. And the adaptation of insulation methods in terms. This comprises of various insulation properties in different weathers reducing cooling and/or heating loads (J.Eshraghi et al.2014). One of the systems accounted for effective building insulation is the closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) which is used to spray on walls and roofing systems to achieve control of building temperature and indoor thermal comfort (Building Science.2014). Therefore, effective thermal insulators acts as air barriers and provide more controllable environments. Furthermore reduces the building’s energy consumption and energy loss. In addition it also which reduces moisture intrusion hence

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