Environmental Education Is Not Always Implemented Within Schools

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Environmental education is not always implemented within schools because classrooms are the main space in which students learn and teachers are expected to teach. However, by implementing activities that surround around current events in the environment and by connecting students to nature, this can have positive effects in which it influences the individuals sense of self and their community (Mcinerney, Smyth, & Down, 2011). Research found that children who play in a natural environment to develop better physical skills such as improved motor skills, fitness, and coordination more than other children who play in build environments. They also develop better cognitivitly in which they have increased creativity and problem solving skills …show more content…

However, good experiences can foster a good outlook on the environment and create good attitudes and behaviours toward it. (Ernst & Tornabene, 2012) - (Wells and Lekies 2006).
In one study by Fisman (2005) first used a questionnaire to measure student’s environmental knowledge and then had students to assess their changes in their environmental awareness. Moreover, results indicated that students’ home environment reflected how they saw the current environmental situation. For example, students living in a higher socioeconomic status displayed improved views about their environment but children in low socioeconomic status did not. Too, the condition of one’s environment can reflect how the student improves on their views about nature. This can create a challenge for environmental educators because not all children can necessarily be influenced as much as others based on their home conditions.
Ernst & Tornabene, (2012) describe how certain environmental issues can become too scary or too difficult to understand for children who are younger and this can become a challenge in the future. Moreover, by trying to raise awareness to young children about the current events of today’s environment, it can cause them to become nervous and cause them to ignore the negative problems happening with the environment (McKnight, 2014). This can also cause what is called Eco phobia, which involves

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