Environmental Effects Of Ocean Acidification

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The effects of pollution and plastics have caused and will continue to cause a major problem for the ocean’s wellbeing and health: in regards to the ocean pH levels changing, acidification's effect on the oceans, and the improvements to plastic management in the past decade.
By observing ocean life, the effects of ocean acidification show likely risks for sea life. A species that demonstrates the possible signs of damage from ocean acidification are Pteropods.
Due to the thin soluble shells of Pteropods, they have been used to foretell the possible effects of ocean acidification (Orr, et. al. 1).
Research tells that anthropogenic acidification may change the mortality rates for pteropod larvae and a decrease in size of the creatures over time (Gazeau 2207).
In another study done by Comeau, it was reported that the shells of the larvae of the Pteropods seem to have less of a shell when exposed to high CO2 levels. (Siebel 5).
Ocean acidification has the ability to affect the growth of sea life shells due to the decrease of density of carbonate ions. These shelled creatures are an important part of the ocean ecosystem due to the structures they create, water purification, and they are also food for predators. (Gazeau 2207).
Coral reefs are also being observed and evaluated for ocean acidification and effects of plastics.
Water acidification, from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere being absorbed into the oceans, is one of the reasons creating difficulties in the

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