Epilogue To Zhanshi's Room

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As Zhanshi pace outside trying to think of a plan to interrupt Shen, he overheard Shen telling Rin to tell a maid to prepare two meals. Smirking to himself and rubbing his hands together, Zhanshi decides that he’ll intercept the maid and go into the room that way.
Zhanshi carry the food up to the door and coerce Rin to not say anything and knocked on the door once. But without waiting for Shen to come open the door, he went into the room. Once he is in the room, he quickly walks towards the bedroom and was surprise by the scene of Shen kissing Aixin.
Zhanshi’s eyes widen and his lips curved into a teasing smile. “SHEN?! You lucky bastard. How can you hide this beauty from me!”
Surprise by the voice, Aixin pushes Shen away from him. This caused Shen
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Did you forget. I saw her with my own eyes. Now tell me the truth!
Shen smiles at Zhanshi and said, “Zhanshi, remember the emperor’s newest concubine?”
As Zhanshi recalled the information, he’s eye’s widen and his jaw dropped slightly.
“ mean to say that, that boy was the one that you were with last night.”
Shen took a sip from his cup of tea and nods his head once.
Zhanshi lean back on his chair and gave a --slight laugh + hah-- and said “...No wonder the emperor declare him the royal concubine. He is so beauti-”
Zhanshi saw the serious glare on Shen’s face at the mention of the emperor and decided to not finish the sentence. Instead, he laughs and said humorously, “..OH, so this is why you wanted to keep the emperor busy, you sneaky wolf! ”
Shen just gave him a big devilish smile and finished his cup of tea.
After some thought, Zhanshi smile back at him and said, “But Shen, what will you do after the end of this week. You can’t keep the emperor away from his person forever.”
With the devilish smile still plastered on Shen’s face, he replies “ Has anyone ever been able to stop me from getting what I
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