Equality 7-2521

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Equality 7-2521 had discovered a tunnel that contained remnants of the Unmentionable Times. By performing an experiment consisting of a dissected frog hanging from a copper wire and a metal knife, he later discovered and holstered the power of the sky, or electricity. With his discovery, he performed another experiment by sticking an iron rod outside of his tunnel during a thunderstorm, learning that the power of the sky causes lightning and that it is attracted to metal (Rand 52-54). After gathering multiple materials from around the tunnel, he combined them together and placed them into a box. When Equality 7-2521 closed the current, the wires of the lightbulb glowed without the use of flint or fire, and thus the invention was reborn. The single light consumed the entire room and was far brighter than any candle. Equality 7-2521 determined that his discovery and invention of a lightbulb, a symbol of knowledge, was far greater than any man and should be shared with all of his bothers. By sharing his invention with the World Council of Scholars, he would be forgiven…show more content…
I was fascinated by how an individual would not let society keep it from doing what it enjoyed. Equality 7-2521, who was an intelligent and curious individual, lived in a society that was shadowed by collectivism, performing the unwanted task of sweeping the city’s streets. However, he was willing to risk is life to do something that he enjoyed, which was to learn, experiment, and create. Equality 7-2521 defied all of society’s commandments and committed several transgressions just to bring “light” to his brothers, who were blinded by the darkness of society. Having pursued such an act, Equality 7-2521 displayed courage, intelligence, and the willingness to fight for and pursue happiness. This scene has taught me that, even under the oppression of others, I should pursue a career that I enjoy and fight for what makes me
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