Equality In The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence has been considered one of the most, if not the most, influential documents in American history. Over the course of over 200 years the ideas imprinted on the document have been the basis of what the citizens of the U.S. have believed to be the ideal government relationship to the people. What people seem to understand is that each of these ideals are extremely important to the outline of the government. These 4 ideals consist of Equality, consent of the governed, unalienable rights, and , most importantly, the right to alter or abolish government. Equality is what everyone thinks about when it comes to America, equal opportunity that is available to each citizen. Millions of people throughout history and throughout the United States have fought for equality through many different groups, whether it be through a war or boycott. The idea of equality has changed drastically over the years changing what is accepted and what isn’t. The declaration of independence is a document that has held the idea of everyone has access to the inalienable rights of humans. Women are a prime example of a group that has fought for equality for decades. They’ve been managing and hosting women’s rights conventions for many years, rallying women as well as men in order to support their cause. One specifically that they’ve been hosting for a long time is the one in Seneca Falls, NY. They’ve actually set up the “Declaration of Sentiments” (Doc A) essentially adding

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