Essay about Equality in George Orwell´s Animal Farm

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Imagine a world where every person is equal: everyone has the same possessions, everyone shows respect to each other, no one kills anyone else, and no authority rises over others to give dictating commands. It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? George Orwell’s haunting book Animal Farm shows however, the near impossibility it is to make that idea a reality. In this fairy tale, a group of oppressed farm animals revolt against the tyrannical bonds of their evil master Farmer Jones, chases him off the farm, and attempt to make a society based on the idea listed above. But instead of having this incredible society, the pigs decide to make one instead where they are the ultimate authority. This book highlights the dangers of trying to establish an …show more content…

This slowly evolved to the point where they did not convince the other animals to do something, they DEMANDED it. For instance, the coldhearted pigs came to the point where they demanded that the chickens give up their eggs they would have hatched, so that the farm could have more money. The farm went through a very steady evolution from a communistic ideal where all the animals were equal, to a totalitarian state where the pigs gave all the commands, with no exceptions. This idea has occurred repeatedly in the world. Although a utopian state where all are equal and treated fairly sounds wonderful, it can’t be achieved in this corrupt world. Admittedly, at first it might succeed, but humans always will start to demand power, and soon, what was an equal state becomes an oppressive tyrannical government. Undoubtedly, the book Animal Farm displays communism and totalitarianism: or the ideal, versus the actual reality. One magnificent part of Orwell’s Animal Farm is the fact that many of the characters show a great amount of symbolism. Two perfect examples of this are the pig Old Major, and the maleficent Farmer Jones. When the old pig is close to dying, Old Major tells the animals that after his death, he feels that a rebellion against man will happen in the animal world. He practically lays down his suggestions of how the rebellion should occur: all

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