Erbil Research Paper

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Erbil is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Erbil is 76.06 miles in diameter. In Erbil there is mostly deserts and rivers. Erbil is mostly hot and summer like weather. During the summer it is extremely hot and during the winter it is mostly hot and wet. (Thefactfile)
Erbil has had a few past conflicts including the 1980s war. The government of Iraq has evolved over millennia, with thousands of years of tyranny turning into a newly formed federal parliamentary representative democratic republic. At this point of time Iraq is trying to build their city back. (irfad)
Iraq is predominantly a Muslim country, in which the two major sects of Islam are represented more equally than in any other state. The ancient Semitic peoples of Iraq , the Babylonians
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By the early 21st century, medical care, though no longer free, was still affordable for most citizens and was much more readily available than it had been since the start of the embargo.(Britannica)
Iraq’s economy was based almost exclusively on agriculture until the 1950s, but after the 1958 revolution economic development was considerable. By 1980 Iraq had the second largest economy in the Arab world, after Saudi Arabia, and the third largest in the Middle East and had developed a complex, centrally planned economy dominated by the state. (Britannica)
Before the UN embargo, Iraq was a heavy importer. The chief imports included military ordnance, vehicles, industrial and electrical goods, textiles and clothing, and construction materials. All banks and insurance companies were nationalized in 1964. The Central Bank of Iraq (founded in 1947 and one of the first central banks in the Arab world) has the sole right to issue the dinar, the national currency. (TheFactFile)
Erbil Iraq is a breathtaking place to see when you visit it. It has the Babylon, Ziggurat of Ur, Kirkuk Citadel and Daniel’s Tomb to visit and many more! Iraq can be a good place to live and not so good for
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