Ergonomics Awareness On The Construction Industry

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Abstract- Ergonomics is a significant factor in reducing discomfort/pain of worker and is one of the procedures that eliminate the hazards and risk in construction industry. This study was conducted on Bridge site, Godavari River at Nashik. The aim of this study is to assess and understand the level of ergonomics awareness in the construction industry and to identify current applications about ergonomics practices. The method used in collecting the data is by choosing different sites and observing task of workers with the help of videos and Interviews. The task selected for the analysis was lifting and handling the reinforcement. The majority of these injuries are due to overexertion in lifting and carrying heavy reinforcement materials. …show more content…

During the reinforcement handling process 90% workers reach behind or fully across the body with their shoulders. 80% workers never attended any ergonomic program. The Bridge workstation was facing problem of less efficiency of workers due to poor ergonomics.The majority of these injuries are due to overexertion in lifting and carrying heavy materials. The study indicates that strains and sprains are the most prevalent types of injury. Keywords- Ergonomics, work related musculoskeletal disorder, construction ergonomics, and good practices. INTRODUCTION The Construction industry is an essential contributor in India to the process of development. Road, dams, irrigation works, school, house, hospitals, factories and other construction works are the physical foundation on which development efforts and improving living standards are established. There are a lot of workers employed in construction industry. construction employee work in cleaning and preparing the sites ,digging ,operating power tool ,loading and unloading of material, mixing and placing concrete and also work at different times, evening weekend or holidays, to finish his work. These factors lead him to ergonomic risk and serious injures such as strains, sprains and work related to musculoskeletal disorders that caused by carrying heavy loads, repetitive movement, awkward postures and contact stress vibration Construction work is

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