Ernest Hemingway 's ' Hills Like White Elephants ' Essay

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Katherine Escobar Professor. Riobueno ENC1102 12/11/16 Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” is a story about two characters on their journey in the valley of Spain. They are deciding whether or not to make an abortion, which is indirectly implied on the narrative. Hemingway has a specific way of creating the story that it becomes apparent that every description he used is a symbol of the plot. Through this way of storytelling, Hemingway created an adamant and very relatable narrative that exposes human truths, emotions, and the confusion that is inherent in the different situations and conditions which people have over their lives. The plot opens with an extended description of the scenery found in the setting of the story. As the characters will travel by train, Hemingway used this to formulate the description of the setting and to organize the concept of the story. He orders two beers from the bartender – one for him and one for the girl, whom he calls Jig. It is implied that the American and the girl have a relationship, and they are traveling somewhere to do something. They talk about an operation, which the American tells the girl that she will feel better and they will live happily together afterward. The American also shows the girl how much he cares for her, and the girl looks at the scenery of the station. They argue, and the girl feels tired, and this makes the American to stop talking. The story ends
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