Ernest Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well – Lighted Place”

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Professor Gino DiAngelo English 112 College Composition II 21 October 2013 In The Light Ernest Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well – Lighted Place” can be used as an example for studies in different psychological behaviors. The writer illustrates one life described from three different characters and their perspectives. Each of these characters symbolizes some of the many steps in life that our mind undergoes and through each step people undergoes different mindsets. The story starts off surrounding some concern for an old man who drops in the café almost every night to drink. However, he is not there to get intoxicated; rather he is there to find safe shelter from his own distressing state of mind. The two waiters who help undertake the café …show more content…

The older waiter may have seen himself when he was observing the old man in their café. It may have showed him a mirrored image to the waiter’s future. Life can take you in many directions and the older waiter saw a direction that the old man was lead to. By this shows more of the older waiter’s empathy. The café was the old man’s sanctum and that was overseen by the younger waiter. To the younger waiter his retreat was in bed with his wife. For him he was away from tedious hours at the café and the repetitive bothers from the old man. That comfort state of mind is exactly what the old man is trying to achieve. The café is usually used for a place for most people to have drinks, have fun, possibly be around people who are close to them, and may result them becoming intoxicated. But to the old man it is more than that. It’s something that is considered a home in his mindset. The older waiter tries to make the younger waiter see that he and the old man are actually after the same thing: “You do not understand. This is a clean and pleasant café. It is well lighted. (Hemingway 167). The writer describes other areas that could be considered the same as the café such as the bodegas that are opened all night that the old man could have gone to as well. The attachment to the café that the old man had was the closest that he could get some kind of security. Hemingway was trying to look for a safe place to be away from

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