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Reaction Paper 2
Jonathan lenard

Reaction Paper #2
The video provides some insight with satellite imagery in the form of zone coloring with the arctic ice environment being describable in temperature and moistening terms. This is in addition to physical parameters as a great bearing on the structures of life in their ability of inhabitation of certain region. The arctic ice environment is shown to comprise of living organisms on earth emanating from the provision of life as observed in tropical forests as well as the world's photosynthetic phytoplankton within the oceans.
In a generalized perception life distribution in the arctic ice environment is a reflection of the existing variations in the global …show more content…

Physiologically several organisms hold the capability in adaptation with changes in the environment through undertaking physiological adjustments which involve constriction of the blood vessels on the body surface as well as reduction in heat loss.
Climate shaping and arctic ice arctic environment attributes The biomes distribution in the outcomes of interaction of the earthly features for instance type of soil or other occurrences in the form of valleys and mountains comprise to two physical aspects which include the amount of solar heating that reaches several locations on the earth as well as seasonal differences in the heat. The other physical aspect is the circulation within the global atmospheric system in the form of the outcomes in patterns of oceanic circulation which combine to provide dictation of the localized climate in which case are instrumental in the determination of level of precipitation distribution.
In the video the arctic ice environment is shown to receive a substantial amount of heat from the sun as observed in shortwave radiation which subsequently radiates as well as equal radiation of this heat to space as identified in long wave radiation. It is known that 1024 calories are received on the upper surface of the earth's

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