Essay About Free Will In Beowulf

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If we have an all powerful God, then why would he give us the gift of life? Why do we as humans have the ability to think, reason, and make decisions? If I knew that I was predestined to be evil, and didn’t want that life, then I would live my days hidden away from the world. An individual does have free will, other wise there would be no point in to continue living. I will discuss why we have free will, the result of having free will, and predestination.
God gave us free will. Why? If God is love, then love is a choice. God could have done anything, yet he made us in his image and likeness. God chose to love us. He chose to create us into existence. Yet, we are not forced to do anything here on Earth. In faith, He gives us a choice whether to choose him or not. He redeemed us from sin, but he gives us a choice to make him our salvation or not. In Beowulf, he chose to fight the dragon and die a heroic death, he could have chosen to die of old age. Out of his 12 warriors, Wiglaf chose to stay and fight (Puchner). In the bible, God gave Adam and Eve one rule in the garden, not to eat the forbidden fruit. Why? If He didn’t give them free will, then God would have not have a rule in the garden. Adam and Eve had a choice whether or not to obey God. If we didn’t have free will, then we would be slaves and there would be no love. Animals don’t have free will, they act out of simple necessity, while we as humans don’t entirely act out of simple necessity (Rich). God gave us free
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