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Truffles accepts a new position from Pantalone to become his servant. They introduce themselves to each other. Truffles speaks grandly, rambling on about his prestigious servant genealogy and made-up references. Pantalone, a very rich Venetian merchant, is always flaunting how wealthy and prestigious he is.

“I have the grandest wine cellar in all the land! Well, Truffles do go well with wine. I also have the grandest piano … etc.”

Truffles convinces his new master that all great men have their portrait painted and hung on the walls of their estates. Pantalone loves the idea of his grand face hanging above his grand hall. He asks Truffles to find the most renowned artist in all the land to paint his portrait. He gives Truffles a large bag of money to hire the artist. Truffles asks if …show more content…

Woman love to listen, you should do all the talking.”

Pantalone keeps practicing with the crazy walk, sounds and conversations about himself. The more ridiculous this becomes, the more confident Pantalone is feeling.

The scene changes and Olympia and Bette are in the Marketplace, Olympia is still wailing. Pantalone approaches Olympia walking like a bird, coo, coo sounds, and wearing the outfit. He uses the advice of Truffles, and tries to win her affection. Pantalone talks about himself and parades around with the ridiculous walk.

Olympia’s sad cries slowly turn to hilarious laughter at the craziness of Pantalone’s walk, talk and manner. Pantalone gets on one knee and proposes to Olympia. Bette quickly tries to accept on her behalf, but Olympia is not too sure. At first, she is offended by Pantalone’s unusual behavior, but at the same time finds this ‘act’ very endearing and finally agrees to marry Pantalone, with some encouragement from Bette. She tells Pantalone to make the arrangements with the Priest for the next afternoon and exits with

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