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Long time ago the Parrot did not have any colors, it was just plain white. Parrot had always wished that he had different colors like the other animals like zebras, tigers and many other animals, he always felt that he just didn’t fit in with the other animals. The other animals thought that parrot was boring because he was plain white and that they could not have fun with him. Parrot would get so upset that he would just hide somewhere and stay there for hours so the other animals would not see him and could not make fun of him, sometimes parrot would mix some fruits into a liquid and put it all over him but the colors would not look as beautiful as he was expecting them to look and would easily come off. and he even sometimes would put …show more content…

tiger told parrot and zebra that he would be chosen because he had stripes and other colors that made him look good, and he also said that living with the king would be wonderful because of all the food. After hearing that, parrot told zebra and tiger that he wanted to be chosen and be treated like if he was special.
After hearing what parrot had said Zebra and Tiger started laughing and making fun of him saying that he would never be chosen because he didn't have any colors. Parrot felt really upset so he left and tried to find squirrel and ask him for help.
Parrot found squirrel on a tree trying to get some acorns, so parrot told squirrel about the king that was looking for a pet with many wonderful colors and asked squirrel of what should he do. Squirrel couldn't think of anything until something came to his mind, he told parrot that they should ask Marjin the magician for help.
Parrot and Squirrel headed to over to Marjin’s house who lived high in the mountains, when they got there they saw Marjin sitting on a chair outside of his house, “good afternoon sir said Squirrel”, welcome said Marjin the Magician, “how can i help …show more content…

When squirrel saw Parrot he was really surprised of how he looked and told Parrot that he look wonderful. Parrot was full of joy and thanked the Magician for helping him, Marjin told Parrot to stay somewhere dark for the rest of the day and get out until tomorrow so the colors would be permanent.
Parrot and Squirrel headed back home and Parrot thanked Squirrel for helping him too. Parrot headed towards a cave and stayed there all day till next morning. When Parrot woke up he heard many animals, so Parrot got out of the cave and saw the king looking at each animal carefully, so Parrot went flying towards where the other animals where, when the other animals saw Parrot they were confused, they asked each other who was that, so Parrot answered saying, “its me Parrot”.
When the other animals heard him say that, they were amazed of how Beautiful Parrot looked, they were talking of how many colors Parrot had and told Parrot how beautiful he looked. The king saw Parrot flying in the air and told him to come down, so Parrot got down and the king admired the beautiful colors that Parrott had.
So the king chose Parrot and all the animals admire Parrott so much and was never made fun of again and that’s how Parrott got his

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