Essay : Getting A New Puppy

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Getting A New Puppy On one winter morning, I woke up to see that my mom is on her laptop. I asked her “What are you looking for?” Then she broke the news to me that she was looking for a new puppy. From that day on I was set on helping her find a puppy. One month later “We searched for so long you looked threw so many websites.” I said to mom. Then my mom showed me something that she found. It was a breeder’s website that still had puppies. Then we saw that they were all reserved but it did say they were waiting for brand new puppies. So we waited till May 2nd and that is the day they were born. We wanted a girl and there were two left. Then came a tough choice it was either summer the lighter colored puppy or star the colored puppy we …show more content…

They thought she was beautiful and was the best. The days were so long after we saw her the first time. There was so much tension because we did not know when we would get her. Every single time the breeder texted us the weight it was always to small. Then my mom asked the breeder when she was going to go to the veterinarian with Missy. The breeder responded when she was 7 weeks old. The breeder always sent us pictures of her she was so cute. 8 weeks after we saw Missy. My mom called me downstairs to tell me something. Then she told me the great news Missy was 2.1 pounds. I was so excited I yelled and jumped. After that my dad heard it and was like what is going on and my sister also rushed down. We finally spoiled the news that we going to get Missy!!!! They were so excited but we still had to wait 3 days till saturday so that my dad has a day off. 3 days later we were in the car with our older cousin Josh from Europe. We were all so excited. But we had to calm down so all three of us put on headphones and watched our own show. We were two minutes away. We finally got that was so long. But we made it. We came in and she brought Missy and her blanket. She gave her to us and did some paperwork with mom and dad. Then she told us to send her a picture of Missy when she is 1 years old. We got home and she played so at nine pm. It was a lot of fun we took a lot of pictures of her to. The next morning she slept really well that night and had a lot of fun in the

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