Essay On Aboriginal Protection Act

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In the midst of the government's interference in the lives of the Indigenous after colonisation, they believed that bringing along protection legislations would work on the behalf of Aboriginals in order to make their lives easier. The Acts were used, as a way of implementing procedures for protection, separation and assimilation amongst the Indigenous populations. In the case of Aboriginals protection Acts are a representation of systematic control. The 1909 NSW Aboriginal Protection Act gave power to the Broad to regulate the lives of the Indigenous. They were monitored throughout their everyday lives, their employment, wages and who they marry or come in contact with. Undoubtedly the Aboriginals are left feeling caged within their own land. Sometime …show more content…

Most of the crimes Indigenous children were being arrested are unreasonable; for example Girls falling pregnant young were taken away from their families where the Boards ‘advertise children for fostering: 150 on public offer and 90 for non- Indigenous parents’ (Haebich and Mellor, 2002, p. 259). As a result to the Aboriginal Affair Act 1958, over 200 children were being adopted into white families; to the government was a way of keeping them out of poverty or other negative circumstance. However, in my opinion stripping a child away from their parents will negatively impact the child; they are more likely to misbehave and come in contact with the police. Also the children will feel vulnerable as they could be exposed to sexual, physical and emotional abuse from their adopted families. This form of force assimilation can be considered as the process of cultural genocide, as Aboriginal children are taught to conduct themselves similarly to Europeans and reject their people and culture leaving them detached from their

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