Essay On Anne Sexton

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“A number of psychotherapists have explored the use of poems in psychotherapy as an agent of communication between psychotherapists and client,” says David Lester and Rina Terry. Anne Sexton is a perfect example of the quote above because she uses her poetry as a form of communication and as an outlet to however she is feeling. In this paper four poems of Anne Sexton’s work will be used to support the quote above: “Music Swims Back to Me”, Wanting to Die”, “Her Kind” and “The Room of My Life.” These poems portray what Sexton was feeling and going through at the time and also all four of the poems have a common theme. David Lester and Rina Terry state, “it is often easier to communicate important messages either through their own poetry or through the poems of others.” (David Lester and Rina Terry) In these four poems, Sexton clearly is portraying her deepest darkest thoughts and motifs that come out with her diagnosed depression. As Doctor David Lester and Rina Terry say, “poetry is an outlet for patients who have trouble communicating their exact thoughts and feelings” (David Lester and Rina Terry). Poetry is a great outlet for them because it is a free way of expression there is no limit to what you can and cannot write and more than likely the writers feeling and emotions will come out. But Sexton found poetry as more of an artform she dealt with so much more aside from her depression, sexton goes into life experiences and her bad days versus her good days. Also, what

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