Essay On Being A Hero

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A hero is not something that anyone can be. A hero stands for what is right in the world and fights agents what is wrong. They will always be there to stand up for those who cannot. The path that is taken to become a hero is not a path that can be taken by most. You cannot simply wake up and become a hero, you are born with it and raised to be one. They have to fight to fully become their full hero.
The path to become a hero is a long and taxing task to be taken. A hero is someone who had a very ruff childhood and a poor upbringing. Along the way of the path of a hero, they will at some point lose their powers and have to preserver though to get them back. The traits that a hero shows are ones that a normal human simply cant. They stand …show more content…

He then had to fight through all of his hardships and work to get out on top. He never backs down from a fight and will not stop till the job is done. At all times he is willing to put his life on the line for the betterment of the people and the world. He shows a little of a social issue simple because he is different from everybody. The morals of Superman will never be beaten and he will forever stand for what he thinks is right. His powers will never be used in a way that can be viewed as unfit for a hero. He is also a strong leader that is able to lead men into battle without them questioning his powers or ability. Superman fit’s into every criteria that is set to be a hero. In most terms he is the perfect example of a modern day hero. Another example of a modern day hero would be Ironman. He follows the line of a hero, but not as closely as Superman does. When he was young his father had money and was one of the most powerful men in the world, but he did not spend a lot if time with his son. That led Tony Stark (Ironman) to become disconnected with his father and lead to a childhood of hate towards him. He then developed somewhat of a social issue because of his hostility of letting people get close to him. At a point in his life he was greatly affected by something he made and decided to change the way he lived. He does follow in a way that he will never back down from a fight and will always be

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