Essay On Career Clusters

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My career clusters was performing arts and I chose the career named, Music Director/Composer. Directors lead orchestras, choirs, groups, and bands while composers make music or arrange other piece in a variety of music styles. Directors ensure that the musicians play with one concert sound, balancing the melody, tuning, rhythm, and dynamic. They give feedback to the musicians or section leaders so that they can achieve the sound and style they want in the music. The work environment for directors work in religious organizations, and schools with music programs. They also spend a lot of time traveling around to and places. Composers work in offices, recording studios, or their own home. Similar occupations of this career are actors, dancer and choreographers, high, middle, and elementary school teachers, musicians and singers, producers and directors, and writers and authors. The job outlook is growing by 3% which is …show more content…

They help out students stablize what the lesson was about by reviewing the lesson either with an individual or in groups. They can sometimes help the teachers with grading classwork or homework and give ideas on how the structure of their lecture can be, like being a TA in a class. Teacher Assistants work in public or private schools, child-care centers, or religious organization. Similar jobs would be teacher and aides. The job outlook is growing by 6% which is as fast of the average rate of 7%. The reason of this is because it does not require a huge amount of money to be paying for teacher assistants and has some qualities that are very easy to do like communcation skills, social skills, patience, and resourceful. The number of jobs 1,234,100 out there. The salary of the career is $25,410 a year which is twice as low than being a music director or composer. For schooling, you need to at least have some college or at least an associates

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