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Multiple factors are there to take into account when moving this heavy musical instrument. Well, we can say; it's one of the hardest things to move. So, if you own a piano, then hiring a reputable mover such as Cheap Movers Melbourne is advisable. It has become an ornamental musical instrument. I mean, people don't use it much, but they keep because it looks nice when you have it in a home. Moving a piano is not easy as it may seem. Yes, it got wheels, but you can't roll it on them. How can you move a piano? Should you hire Cheap Movers Melbourne? Everything explained in this article. Before anything, let's know a bit about a piano in details. Many piano types are there, and it could be the largest item you have in your home. In general, …show more content…

I am going to start with the Dos. * Contact a professional mover such as Cheap Movers Melbourne and get a quote on it. Some people think we are expensive to hire, but when you get a quote from us; you will realize we are cheaper than DIY. * OK, you decided to do it yourself. Then the first thing you have to do is clearing the path for the piano. Move furniture and other items blocking the path. Now, comes the challenging part. What if you have to move along the stairs? Get 5-6 friends depending on the size and weight of the piano. * Cover it with non-slip blankets. Blankets will protect its finish. * Loading it into the truck is the next biggest challenge. Hiring a truck with a tail lift is the best option. Once it's in the truck, make sure it will not move here and there. You will need heavy-duty furniture straps for the purpose. * If it's a grand piano, then removing its fragile legs is advisable. Now let's talk about Don’ts. * If it weighs over 1000 pounds, then don't DIY it. Cheap Movers Melbourne tip: Moving a piano along the stairs is difficult than it may seem. If it rolls down the stairs, a disaster can happen. Can you afford to break your grand piano that your grandfather gave

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