Essay On Colonial Medicine

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Taking care of the sick and ailing during colonial times was quite the challenge and very different from what it is like nowadays. There wasn’t much modern understanding of medicine. Thus a lot of the medicines used in that time consisted of various types of healing herbs. In their own personal gardens, many colonists would grow these and use them in their medications. Some of these herbs were believed to possess beneficial curing powers and effects for such things as colds, fevers, cuts, and broken bones. It wasn’t that these herbs were not beneficial, the real problem was that anyone could be an apothecary if they wished to. Many crafty individuals sold pretentious, cheap medicines and frauds that were not medicines at all. After such experiences, the poor people did not know whom they could trust. However herbs weren’t they only treatments around. Early settlers would make and quaff a tea made from a powder which was extracted from fried frogs. That was one of the more …show more content…

In Massachusetts, John Winthrop who was the governor merited the idea that if an individual cut their fingernails and placed them in a bag of linen thread then tieing it around the neck of a live eel in water that it would die and then the ailed person would instantly be alleviated and the disease would be carried away. Another idea that was formulated and believed to ease the pain of teething babies recommended that a necklace made of wolf teeth and tied around the babies necks should help. If a person was sick, the colonists believed that the sickness had been cast on by witches through spells. Actually, some doctors would even cut a vein and let some of the victim’s blood drain out. This was suppose to remedy the illness. However, these methods were so perilous and risky and often resulted in the death of the sick individual. These superstitious

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