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I got out of it for two reasons. Number one being I never wanted to do it for a career and I knew if I stayed there for too long I would be stuck. Many of my peers in the criminal defense world said you either stay two or three years and you get out or if you stay beyond that you are pigeon hold and you never get out. So people that are around the seven or eight year point, they have got to punch out quickly or otherwise, you’ll be stuck working there until you die. I never wanted to stay in the criminal defense world because I still believe that the vast majority of them are guilty but, my position evolved over time to say that they are presumed innocent and it’s the States job to prove them guilty and if they cant do that, then the system works to let them go. The second reason I got out of criminal defense is I got a case handed to from my boss that was a man in his 50’s that abducted and raped a 12-year-old girl. Now when I got this case, I told my boss I couldn’t take it because I have 3 daughters and at the time they were 3,6 and 8. I couldn’t imagine having to defend a man that could do that to a girl that almost resembled one of my children. I looked over the case file and it said the mans DNA was found on the girl in multiple locations. When I walked into the jail to meet him, because you had to meet all your clients face to face, he immediately said “I didn’t do it”. Which, as you can expect is the go to response in the criminal defense world. I asked him …show more content…

Honestly, I enjoy assisting people with their problems. I do pro bono work, which is volunteer work for no pay, I’m a certified VA disability attorney meaning guys that are military veterans that are trying to apply for disability and being denied. As a former military member, one of the things I want to do is to give back to those guys and I do those sorts of things for free because I enjoy helping people that need it and cant do it on your

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