Essay On Critical Analysis Of Speech

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For this final paper, we were to analyze a particular type or genre of speech. Unlike the first speech analysis assignment, this time around, it didn’t take me long enough to decide which one of the “top 100” speeches to choose from. The speech that stood out for me was “The Speech at the Brandenburg Gate” by then-President Ronald Reagan. First, I knew right away, that I was going to select President Ronald Reagan as my best speaker. After all, President Ronald Reagan, with his upbeat and inspirational speeches became known as “The Great Communicator”. Secondly, the speech that he gave at the Brandenburg Gate to me, presented itself to be the perfect combination – a great speaker and the speech that instigated the bringing down of the Berlin wall. Additionally, the event was especially near and dear to my heart, and needless to say, it had a personal relevance in my life.
At that time, I was living in Germany (West) when this historical speech was given by President Reagan, as well as witnessing the eventual tearing down of the wall. It was indeed a historical event that I will never forget. It was, “The Berlin Wall saga,” the wall which divided the German capital since 1961 – was a physical and metaphorical symbol of the ideological and economic differences that separated the East and the West (Kang, I. 2017). And, I was lucky enough to witness it all from the beginning all the way to the end. In fact, it was quite a surreal experience, when I was finally able to visit

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