Essay On Critical Appraisal

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I choose “Developing an Information Literacy Workshop to Improve Evidence-Based Practice Among Nurse Practitioner Students” to summarize for this forum. The presentation was a discussion presented by Antiqua Smart on a scholarly practice project study. The purpose of the study was to develop and implement a workshop to improve Nurse Practitioner (NP) students in critical appraisal skills and clinical decision-making skills in support of Evidence Bases Practice (EBP) during clinical practicum experience and beyond (Smart, 2014). After reviewing the supporting literature for her study, the method was discussed in which sample of 20 NP students participated. The method of data collection included the use of pre and posttest surveys after attending a workshop. The workshop was over four hours that included topics such as Information Literature, …show more content…

I thought I had a good concept on the process of appraisal. However, after receiving feedback from our recent assignment, I need to sharpen these skills. Critical Appraisal is a skill set that requires practice to efficiently appraise the literature. Smart reviewed a rapid appraisal process that is not for the novice learner of the process. Looking back over the assignment, I can say that I fell into the rapid appraisal process attempting to move forward through the course in a timely manner. As I go back to the search for a different article, I will take away from the webinar refreshed processes. Regarding, how I will use in clinical practice, is sharpening my skills in actually completely Critical Appraisal. As I mentioned above, the Critical Appraisal process take time to develop the skills. A workshop such as Smart’s study would be a valuable tool in gaining the knowledge. Our research course as provided a great deal of knowledge, but to truly be effective in using EBP, one must continue to further strengthen and gain further

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