Essay On Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Right before I dozed off, I used to hear this buzzing sound every night. It was different from the low whir of my ceiling fan and it did not sound like the unsettling ticking of the clock. Unfluctuating, loud, and rash, the sound would dictate whether or not I would lay awake in my bed praying for sleep to come. However, for such an obnoxious noise, it began to be comforting, more so for what it represented. It was the hum of the machine, the sewing machine to be precise. I went to sleep knowing my mother would be on the machine from nightfall to the crack of dawn . Often I discovered her still sitting behind that machine with her foot on the foot pedal, making that buzz by the time I returned home …show more content…

The two paths lead to the same destination, but only few willingly push through the blockades to see what’s at the end of the divergent roads. I’m no philosopher, but the self-made seamstress crossed the threshold in order to let me have a straight road to success. Both in sewing and raising my brothers and I, my mother was very scrupulous of her craft. Her sewing planted an important seed: diligence. As cliche as it may sound, for the first time, I believed someone when they told me with hard work you can do anything because I have seen and heard it firsthand from those tireless nights. She struggled, she knew that, but she managed to send my eldest brother off to college and he has graduated with a bachelors of science in Chemical Engineering. Today we are living in an apartment with a garage as well as paying off two cars. Now here I am, an underprivileged Nigerian immigrant off to college at the same time as another brother of mine. Seeing my family succeed from sheer perseverance puts me at this expectation I want to fulfill, and I can only achieve that through working hard. I want to take these negative endeavors I had to brave through and sprout that seed into my future. I aspire to study Computer Engineering and with that degree to construct a technology that teaches young children early values of working hard. Instilling this ethic to children of any background would prove advantageous in the long

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