Essay On Drinking And Driving

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What You Need to Know About Drinking and Driving, Teen Drinking alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal in the United States. Driving after drinking alcohol is not only illegal at all ages in many places, but also dangerous. Alcohol affects driving skills by slowing judgment, alertness, muscle coordination, reaction time, self-control (inhibition), and memory. The effects of alcohol greatly increase a teen’s chances of getting into a car crash and dying from a car crash. HOW DOES DRINKING AND DRIVING AFFECT ME? Teens have different metabolisms than adults, and they get drunk more quickly and from fewer drinks. This can lead to injury from alcohol poisoning, drowning, falls, fires, and car crashes. If you drink and drive, not only you can…show more content…
• Never drive after drinking alcohol, even after having just one drink. • If you are out with people who are drinking, choose a designated driver who does not drink at all before driving. ○ If you do not have a designated driver, call a parent or trusted sober adult to pick you up. If a trusted adult is not available, get a taxi or a rideshare, or take public transportation. • Never ride in a car with someone if you think they have drunk any alcohol. • Talk with your parents about how to avoid drinking and driving, and how to avoid being driven by someone who has been drinking. Many parents would prefer that you contact them to be picked up, instead of you driving drunk or riding with someone who has been drinking. • Sign a teen driving agreement with your parents that states what you will do to stay safe when driving a car. WHERE CAN I GET SUPPORT? If you need help for yourself or a friend who drinks and drives, talk to a trusted adult, teacher, health care provider, or counselor about how you or your friend can get help. If you would like to help other teens avoid drinking and driving, get involved in an organization like Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). Call 1-877-SADD-INC to get information about SADD groups in your
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