Essay On Drug Testing For Welfare

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The Aid of welfare is important to society for those considered financially unstable. According to the United Stated Department of Human Services, there are over 12 million citizen receiving welfare. The states of Alabama, Mississippi,Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin require drug testing in order to receive welfare. Drug testing is not an effective way to detect drug use because many have found ways to get pass the testing. As we know welfare is supposedly to meet the human’s needs but not for the purchase and use of drugs. Some says that drug test to receive assistance is unconstitutional and unfair, others believe it would be safe if child with parent who uses drugs. By randomly drug testing, those who receive assistance would help deter drug use, decrease unemployment rate, and potential savings for taxpayers. Deterring drug use can help the system identify that the recipient needs help. By requiring drug tests it would discourage welfare recipients from using drugs. A lot of people may argue that the problem is that there is not much access to rehabilitation. By rejecting aid without drug without some type of help will only help solve half of the issue. Drug use happens in all…show more content…
Tax payers spends plenty of money to support the welfare system by eliminating those using drugs from programs with aid assistance would cut the amount of funds given to recipients. Many people receiving welfare benefits are children, passing a drug testing order could harmfully affect the children of drug users. Therefore, a change in operation could remove a number of receivers who are abusing the system. This can also help with those who are not eligible for benefits. This could also help the government save money and supply the benefits to those who need
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