Essay On Homeworkwork

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Have you ever had a teacher asking where your homework was the day it’s due? Have you ever had a teacher ask you why you failed a test? Has you answer ever been “I had practice” “I had to work concessions for the game” or “I had a game last night”? That’s the answer from many from student athletes to their teachers everyday. This happened to a 13-year-old 8th grade girl in her math class. Ally’s math teacher Mrs. Pierdy went around checking everyone’s paper, but when she got to Ally there was no paper on her desk. “Ally where is your homework, it’s due today.” “I know and im sorry but I didn’t get it done because I had a cross country meet and completely forgot about my homework because I was exhausted.” “Well Ally you shouldn’t let your sports interfere with your homework.” “Okay it won’t happen again I promise.” You may blame sports for not being able to study or get your homework done but is it really the sports fault or yours? Athletes often said, “that during their sports season they never have enough time to complete their work, because their main focus was on sports.” Says USA Today. “Team travel was also cited as a stress factor because of missed classes and assignments.” On they also say that some students thrive when they have such a compact schedule, for example, senior field hockey player Leah Ferenc said “Most of my peers believe that they perform at a higher academic level while participating in their sport and have felt more organized

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