Essay On I Want To Become A Bruin Ambassador

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UCLA has been such a blessing to me. I’ve been exposed to so many new perspectives, people, ideas, knowledge, and opportunities. During my two quarters here, I’ve learned so much about myself, discovered new interests, and have grown mentally, spiritually, and physically (actually going to the gym! Yay Bfit!) I want to be a Bruin Ambassador in order to provide other students the chance to experience these opportunities, to explore and fulfill their maximum potential.

I also hope to continue gaining new perspectives and hearing different people’s stories while working with prospective Bruins. I’m an avid storyteller and listener. I love learning about other people’s life experiences. As an actress, I continue to expand my worldviews through the variety of characters I play. Through acting, I get to explore different personas, which provide me with a deeper appreciation for empathy and diversity. This expansion of empathy allows me to discover a greater purpose to life beyond myself and to help those around me with the resources I have. I want to be a Bruin …show more content…

No matter what activity I’m involved in, I am always an advocate for gender equality and racial diversity, finding ways to raise awareness for those issues through my endeavors. As an Asian American actress, I strive to promote racial diversity in media. Combining my media interests and academic pursuits, I studied women’s rights in the Middle East examining how women in Turkey are escaping oppression through social networking platforms. Conducting research on gender-based violence and social media activism was incredibly rewarding, because even though it can be a depressing topic, looking at the resilience of these women, their grit, resourcefulness, and iron determination was extremely inspiring. I am inspired by those women everyday as I continue to advocate for women’s rights and racial diversity in my everyday

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