Essay On Japanese Imperialism

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Q7. In my opinion, Japan's aggressive imperialism was not justified. I believe that Japan's need for imperialism became a major driving force during the time of its modernization. I feel that if Japan did not have the need to prove that it was better than the other countries, then I think they wouldn't have taken the same approach. If it didn't mean as much as it did to Japan, then the payoff at the end would not have been as great. Japan had wanted to prove that they were better than other countries, they wanted to be known as the best. With that in mind, they worked extremely hard in order to become the best. Japan became very aggressive during the time of its imperialism; therefore, they were able to accomplish more during this aggressive …show more content…

It stated that they would not move forces into Korea since they both had their eyes on the land. However, China broke this promise and had eventually marched troops into Korea. The Sino-Japanese War began. Finally, in 1895 Japan and China signed a peace treaty. Once again, Japan went to war with another great nation. This time it would be the Russo-Japanese War. Again, the Japanese had gotten rid of the Russian troops in Korea. After they had successfully defeated Russia, Japan attacked Korea. In 1910, Japan officially annexed Korea as part of Japanese control. The Japanese then became aggressive and strict rulers. In summary, the rest of the world saw the horrible effects set forth by the Japanese. Japan's imperialism left behind some brutal results, especially during the wars. Japan had chosen the more violent side when it had come to imperialism. In the end, I do not think that Japan's aggressive imperialism was justified. Japan had no other right to march in and take over or fight other nations. It was good for the Japanese as they had modernized; however, the rest of the world was left to suffers with the consequences. Due to their aggressiveness, imperialism in Japan was not justified.

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