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Job Performance Effective compensation and reward systems have proven to be very important tools that are beneficial to both company and its employees. The company should consider these systems when selecting new hires. An effective system can make the difference in turnovers and retentions. The new hires compensation should be based on their skill level and the ability to execute the duties that the job description requires. The employer will benefit more from an employee who knows what is expected of them and that they are being compensated accordingly. Companies that offer rewards for exceptional work performances, usually get the employees that work to their full potential. Sign on bonuses, great benefits package, raises, paid time …show more content…

Employee incentives refer to programs established by an organization to reward and motivate employees on an individual level. Generally they are considered separately from an employee’s regular salary but may be monetary. There are many things to consider in obtaining any type of incentive program for employees. The bases to developing an incentive program would be to document the company’s objectives that the incentives will maintain. Reviewing the chosen employees work ethics or activities that will strengthen the company's objectives. Also you can acknowledge what is at stake in obtaining the set awards and incentives by providing the detailed information for the program to the employees. Appreciation can take a range of methods such as ceremony where the incentives are presented either monthly or annually. Casual or impulsive acknowledgements can take the form of honors such as telecommuting, in cooperating an extended lunch break. There are many ways to recognize an employee such as commemorative plaques with engravings which can be extremely effective in showing genuine thankfulness for their hard work. Safety and Security Initially, this is an effort to identify, establish and implement a successful package for the incentives, rewards and discipline in the area of safety. This is sometimes

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