Essay On Journey To The Center Of The Earth

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Journey to the Center of the Earth (YAY!!!) (Narrator’s view) Lily stepped into the laboratory to find a large ship that they have been working on for six months now, funded by one of the richest person on earth, Mr. Gold, who has been working on his current research to see how the “death process” works which basically means his is discovering what happens after humans die, without actually dying himself. Lily’s partner, Josh was out in the small village trying to find the brave people who would come with them in the ship. Currently Lily was decorating and finalizing the ship so the people could get comfortable while in the ship. She was a very thoughtful person. She knew that until 2020, no one had gotten past the crust layer …show more content…

Eric said that all he found was Iron and Nickel. Lily, going with him, yelped how her pickaxe melted down from the heat. No one knows about my secret plot, thought Sophie. Hahaha, the only reason I have come aboard this ship in the first place was to murder Mr. Gold for his money, Sophie thought. But as Sophie wasn’t that smart, she didn’t think of a clearer plan to kill me. Instead, she went straight to the kitchen to finish the job. Let me take my knife and kill him now. Sophie goes to the kitchen and gets the sharpest kitchen knife. I walked into the kitchen looking for a bedtime snack and I was murdered on the spot. A puddle of blood was on the floor and seeping into a crack on the metal floor. Sophie threw my body into the lava, and only my money, fame, and gold were remembered. I suddenly became a ghost and cursed Sophie. Sophie took a large portion of my money (enough to buy herself a private island and guard defending it) of the gold he had treasury. How could you, I hollered. You will face a terrible fate since I have cursed you. When Sophie shrieked out of freight, the remaining crew got up and began walking around the kitchen looking for the only people who was not in their cabins, Mr. Gold and Sophie. At first, everyone thought that Sophie was killed by Mr. Gold because he was once blamed for his professor's death. (Joshua’s view) I walked up to the meeting room, nervously. As I opened the door, I felt all eyes turn to look at me. “What?” I said,

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