Essay On Khoikhoi

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About 2000 years ago it was found that the Khoikhoi also known as the Hottentots originate in South Africa. This was many years before the first British settlers even set foot on African soil. The Khoikhoi was the first people that come in contact with the Dutch people.
The 1820 settlers came to South Africa for various reasons and opportunities. It is known that the first British settlers of 1820 arrived in South- Africa after the Napoleonic wars and Britain had experienced serious unemployment problems. The first settlers arrived in Table Bay on 17 March 1820. They have arrived on a board, the Nautilus and the Chapman. After their arrival these settlers where sent from the Cape Colony to Algoa Bay, that is today known as Port-Elizabeth. These immigrants were encouraged by Lord Charels Somerset, who was appointed in 1814 as the governor of the frontier areas (Eastern Cape). It was then found that Lord Somerset set his proposal in action for three alternative …show more content…

For example the Khoikhoi are today known as the Hottentos, because the British found the word Khoikhoi difficult to pronounce. This shows the step by step change that the incoming of the British brought upon the indigenous people. The word/name Khoikhoi refers to the meaning of “men of men” or “the real people”.For the San the settlers used the term Bushmen. This was only the beginning of the changes that the Dutch has brought onto the indigenous languages. Before the settlers arrived in the Cape, the official language of the Cape was Dutch. In 1822 English was declared the official language of the Cape Colony. It is also most obvious that all the communities were not equally formed. The impact on the indigenous people had also continued in the sense that the Dutch had taken over the land and farms of the Khoikhoi and they were also driven out, exterminated, or enslaved. The number of people that was enslaved grew as the years

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