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A Bridge Between Lies And Truth We are all taught at a young age that lying is bad and we should always tell the truth, the truth shall set you free. Certainly characters from the movie Chicago directed by Rob Marshall and the book The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald had a lot of trouble with the truth. They did not seem to stop lying in particular the female characters. They lie for their own benefit, but also lie because of their fear what society will think of them as a result of their sins. Roxie Hart and Daisy Buchanan both lie because they do not want society to view them as unfaithful woman who seek fame and wealth out of a relationship. Tom Daisy's husband and Gatsby Daisy's lover argued. As they argued Gatsby …show more content…

When Roxie notices that the spotlight isn't on her anymore,. she falls to the floor and everyone turns to ask if she ok and she responds with, “ I just hope I didn't hurt the baby”. They immediately turn their attention back to her. Of course, everyone feels sorry for her and but it's brought new headlines on to the newspaper. There's also another scene in which Flynn and Roxie are discussing how they will speak in front of the press after their first court date. Flynn asks questions about her past and she gives sensitive answers to them to make everyone feel bad for her. Once at the press conference song begins to play and Billy speaks for Roxie “Mississippi” in response to a question of where she came from, “I met Amos and he stole my heart away convinced me to elope one day,” Roxie stated. Ms. Sunshine expressed her sympathy for her “ oh you poor dear, I can't believe what you've been through a convent girl with a runaway marriage!” Roxie lies to the press for they can feel sympathy for her. Daisy's situation is similar to Roxie’s as she lies to her husband as well. Daisy cheats on him with Gatsby on more than one occasion. She lies to Tom when she married him, but this was not a surprise because she didn't want to marry Gatsby either. Daisy did not marry Gatsby because he was “poor”(130) meaning that one of the reasons why Daisy married Tom was because of his wealth. Daisy chose

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