Essay On Military Veterans

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is now believed to be a common condition for many active military and veterans who have experienced direct combat. PTSD symptoms can last a lifetime, and are particularly troubling for those veterans from the Vietnam War who have struggled for years to get help (Daniels, Boehnlein, & McCallion, 2015). Bergman, Przeworski &Feeny (2017) note that active military personnel and veterans constitute about half of the overall population, but have a disproportionate number of mental health problems including instances of PTSD. The authors also observe that “ many military veterans and service members may experience symptoms of psychological disorders as well as impairment related to these symptoms, but may …show more content…

Conversely, it has been shown by Silverstone, Sawa, & Linder (2016) and Rosner, Konig, Neuner, Schmidt & Steil (2014) that treatment of PTSD in these youths is effective. Identifying a detailed history for client D may determine if his PTSD symptoms have been consistent over time both before and after entering the marines. Old PTSD wounds related to his sexual abuse as a child, with a combination of painful experiences and memories, in turn helps explain why he felt justified in committing murder. The National Center for PTSD emphasizes that stress reactions after a traumatic event are normal. However, people should seek help if these stress reactions “last longer than three months, cause great distress, and/or disrupts… work or home life.” The main point to stress here is that PTSD puts symptoms into four groups. The first is “Reliving the event (also called re-experiencing symptoms). This group of symptoms includes nightmares, flashbacks, and triggers, or those current events that bring symptoms to the surface. The second group of symptoms involves avoidance behaviors. For example, if a person were to get into a bad car accident, it may be hard for them to return back to the scene because it brings flashbacks. The third group of symptoms is “Negative changes in beliefs and feelings.” It could be that client D felt justified in committing murder because empathy for his daughter triggered his old PTSD

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